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Burning Lance Thermal Lance Thermic Lance Cutting Lance. Price / Unit. US $8.00 / KG. Min. Order Quantity. 1,000.00 KG. Payment Terms. L/C, T/T, D/P(CAD) Product Origin. India. Packing Condition. Sea worthy export packing HDPE. Delivery Time. 130 day(s). Add to DIY Thermic Lance Kit - Cut Steel With Burning Iron :4

    OXYLANCE BURNING BARS AND ACCESSORIESlance bar - lance rod - thermic lance The Oxylance Burning Bar and Sure Cut rods are self consuming cutting tools used in a wide variety of industries for cutting most ferrous and nonferrous metals, refractory and concrete.

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    May 30, 2006 · Ignition of thermal lance and means and method for use therewith and therefor:1997-04-22:Swick et al. 5580515:Chemical igniter for an exothermic cutting lance:1996-12-03:Petrovich:5069616:Ignition device for lances:1991-12-03:Larsson:4423855:Thermochemical drilling and separating process for Si0.sub.2 containing minerals and device Oxygen Cutting of Metals:5 Processes MetallurgyThe processes are:1. Oxy-Fuel Gas Cutting 2. Metal Powder Cutting 3. Chemical Flux Cutting 4. Oxygen-Lance Cutting 5. Oxygen Arc Cutting. Process # 1. Oxy-Fuel Gas Cutting:This is the most frequently employed thermal cutting process used for low carbon and low alloy steel plates and often referred to as flame cutting or gas cutting. Oxygen Lancing Introduction - PTS Welding

    • Principles of OperationConcreteSteelSpecification-Oxygen LancingSafetySummaryAn oxyfuel gas torch is used to bring the cutting end of the lance to white heat, and then the oxygen valve is slowly opened to start O2 flow, and initiate the burning operation of the packed lance. The higher the oxygen pressure the higher the burning intensity. The oxygen valve is opened further, and shall be fully open in about 1 to 2 cm cutting depth. A close oxygen flow control will help reduce heavy sparking at start of cut. The deeper the cut the more sparks are eliminated. A baffle plate Broco Industrial - Broco-RankinThe unique 10,000° F plus burning action of Broco exothermic cutting rods liquefies almost any material in its path! Utilizing only oxygen, Broco rods quickly cut or melt cast iron, steel, stainless steel, concrete, granite, nickel, titanium, aluminum and exotic metals.

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      Oxylance offers burning bars, which are also known as lance rods, mag rods, mag bars and exothermic cutting rods. A burning bar is a steel tube filled with an alloyed wire. Burning bars manufactured by Oxylance are available in outside diameters from 0.540in (13mm) to 1.05in (27mm). Oxylance Exothermic Cutting Systems Burning BarsThere are a number of generic terms used to describe exothermic cutting torches commonly called Burning Bars, they are also referred to as Lance Bars, Lance Rods, Mag Bars, Mag Rods, Burning Lances, Exothermic Torches, Thermic Torches and Thermic Lances. Thermic Lance Manual - ENGEFUNDDaiwa Thermic Lance is a product used for cutting and boring large iron castings, stainless steels, brass, nonferrous metal, concrete, ceramic, natural stone, etc. at the temperature of more than 3000 degree without noise and vibration. The tubing filled with steel wires generates powerful flame when burning, and helps materials cut and drilled quickly, and as a result, you can increase productivity and efficiency.

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      A thermal lance, also known as a burning bar or thermic lance, is an industrial tool that uses the oxidization of iron to generate very high temperatures (7000°F to 8000°F, or 3,871°C to 4,426°C) for cutting through just about anything, including rock.