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Aplikasi Plate Heat Exchanger. Concentrated Fruit Juice, Food and Oil Heating, Food Oil Cooling, Etc Alkali Acid Cooling, Acid Cooling, Sulfuric Acid Cooling, Process Cooling ENERGY & POWER. Circulating Water Cooling, Flushing Coolant Cooling, Piston and Broad Turbine, Engine Cooling, Diesel Generator Station Heat Recovery, Steam Applications of Heat Exchanger - Heat ExchangerApplications of Heat Exchanger. Heat exchanger are found in most chemical, electrical or mechanical systems. They serve as the system's means of gaining or rejecting heat. Some of the more common applications are found in heating, electronic equipment, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, radiators on internal combustion engines, boiler, condenser, and as pre heaters or coolers in

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High temperature short-term sterilization (HTST):The premise of sterilization is 85 degrees Celsius to 90 degrees Celsius / 3 minutes to 5 minutes, or 95 degrees Celsius / 12 minutes, mainly used for low-temperature smooth and smooth sterile milk and low-acid fruit juice beverages For sterilization, the heat exchanger can be used to heat the liquid material to nearly 100 degrees Celsius in an instant, and Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Applications - Plate Heat In the early days, plate heat exchangers were only used in light industrial sectors such as high temperature sterilization of milk, juice processing and beer brewing.Application of plate heat exchanger in chlorine gas and caustic soda industry: Heat Exchangers - an overview ScienceDirect TopicsKim et al. (1999) measured the heat transfer coefficient in a plate heat exchanger during the pasteurization of orange juice. The values found varied from 983 to 6,500 W m 2 °C, whereas the water heat transfer coefficient varied from 8,387 to 24,245 W m 2 °C which shows the effect of material properties (viscosity, suspended solids

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This cooled freshwater acts as a cooler liquid in Heat Exchangers which need to be cooled. These Heat Exchangers are mostly used in circulation line and engine water cooling. Using fresh water in seconder circuit, lessens corrosion and wear in circuit components which are placed in machine strokes. Plate Pasteurizer for milk or juice processing IBC MACHINEDec 31, 2020 · Plate Pasteurizer Application and Basic Components Plate pasteurizer also called flash pasteurizer or HTST pasteurizer, it is continuous sterilization equipment specially designed for low viscosity fruit juice (Apple juice or orange juice), dairy products, syrup, liquid egg products, beverages, juices, wines or similar liquid materials. Plate heat exchanger - TRANP(GUANGZHOU) ENERGY Min. Order:1 Piece. Contact Now. Quick View. Special Plate Heat Exchanger for Circulating Cooling Water in Chemical Plants. FOB Price:US $500 / Piece. Min. Order:1 Piece. Contact Now. Quick View. Plate Heat Exchanger for Beverage Milk Sterilizing and Cooling/Steam Heating Phe.

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Principle. Plate heat exchangers have more than 100 years history and its structure is composed of a fixed frame, a movable frame and corrugated plates which are in between the two frames. Hot liquid and cold liquid go through between the corrugated plates in turn. To prevent leaking, gaskets are mounted around the plates and tightening bolts are used to put the plates together. Tetra Pak Pasteurizer BF - for all kind of beverages The unit is of aseptic or hot-fill design and uses a tubular or plate heat exchanger for indirect heating to obtain a product that can be stored at ambient temperatures. Tetra Pak Pasteurizer BF is suitable for beverage products such as juices, nectars, still drinks or juice drinks, isotonic beverages, tomato juice, smoothie s, energy drinks Tetra Pak® Pasteurizer BFTubular Heat Exchanger, or alternatively in a Tetra Pak® Plate Heat Exchanger. Final heating takes place by means of an indirect hot water circuit. The product is held in a holding tube for the required period of time. Regenerative cooling to packaging temperature occurs in the heat exchanger. If required, the product is further

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Tubular heat exchangers are also called shell-and-tube heat exchangers. They are the most widely used heat exchangers in the food and beverage processing industry. They can be used for preheating tomato sauce and concentrated juice and sterilizing milk or fruit juice. The tube heat exchanger is mainly composed of a stainless steel cylindrical shell, in the shell are covered with stainless steel parallel Fruit Juice Tubular Heat Exchanger - hgsitebuilderThe B&P tubular heat exchanger is particularly suited to the thermal treatment of products with a high viscosity range as well as products containing solids, pulps or fibrous products. Our systems are designed to be installed as part of heating, cooling and aseptic systems and are used in the fruit juice, milk and brewing industries.