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High Speed Steel Leading Wholesaler of high speed steel(hss)-m2, m35, m42, t1(alloy tool die steel), m35 high speed steel m35 hss m35 round m35 bars, m2 high speed steel m-2 hss rods m2 round m2 bars, m42 high speed steel m42 hss m42 round m42 bars and t1 high speed steel t1 hss rods t1 round bar t-1 bars from Mumbai. High Speed Steel HSS Steel Griggs SteelFor more tooling applications, however, high speed tool steel is a clear choice. Learn more about the advantage of this tooling option and find out where you can turn to order affordable steel in a variety of grades. HSS Steel Advantages. Choose high speed tool steel to create cutting and forming tools that outpace other alloys.

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M2 High Speed Steel. M2 High Speed Steel (M2) is a tungsten-molybdenum high speed steel with a well balanced composition suitable for a wide variety of applications. World wide, the M2 type is by far the most popular high speed steel having replaced T1 high speed in most applications because of its superior properties and relative economy. M2 High Speed Steel - Steel EM2 high-speed steel is a tungsten-molybdenum tool steel. M2 is characterised by well-balanced toughness, wear resistance and red hardness properties. AISI M2 high-speed steel has largely replaced T1 in most applications due to its superior properties and advantageous pricing. M2 is medium-alloyed and is a good all-round performer with good machinability, in this respect it is superior to the high M2 High speed tool steel M2 manufacturers and suppliers Pre heat M2 HSS steel slowly and uniformly to 850-900°C. The heat should then be increased more quickly to the forging temperature of 1050-1150°C. If during the forging the temperature of the M2 high-speed tool steel material drops below 880-900°C, re-heating will be necessary. Cool the M2 steel component very slowly after forging.

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1-1/2 Inch Diameter, M2 High Speed Steel Drill Rod 36 Inch Long. MSC# 06004329 Value Collection. Backordered. T2 High Speed Steel, ASTM A600 (UNS T12002)You have ASTM A600 T2 high speed steel chemical composition and mechanical properties, heat treatment properties and different application information. Tool Bit Blanks - MSC Industrial SupplyM2 High Speed Steel Square Tool Bit Blank 3/16" Wide x 3/16" High x 2-1/2" OAL, 2 Beveled Ends, 10° Bevel Angle, Ground. MSC# 71093124 Cleveland (C44509) In Stock.

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High Speed Steel Size Tolerances. High Speed Steel is produced and stocked to tolerances per ASTM A600-92A (2010). High speed steel round bar can be bought on-size (+.004,-.000) or oversize (+.015,-.000). High speed flats can be bought ground oversize, saw cut, or hot rolled. Tool Steel McMaster-CarrHardened High-Speed M42 Tool Steel. Also known as cobalt steel, this M42 tool steel maintains its hardness in high-speed cutting applications that generate intense heat. Use it to make tools for cutting extremely hard materials. Tool Steel Products - Tool Steels - Tool Steel Service Inc.Carbon Steel. A36 1018 1020 1045. Mold Steel. P20 P20 High Hard. Powder Metal Products. A11 M4. High Speed Steels. M2 M4 T1 T15. Steel PRODUCTS (Shapes) WE STOCK:Below is a list of steel shapes we carry in stock. Round Bars. Decarb Free Round Bar. Hollow Bar. Drill Rod (Precision Ground) Flat Bars. Precision

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1.Introduction. M2, commonly known as "Wind Steel", is a high carbon high alloy tool steel suitable for high speed cutting. Its outstanding features are high hardness, wear resistance and hot hardness (also known as red hardness). When the temperature of the cutting tool is as high as 500~600 degrees Celsius, the hardness still has no significant drop, and it can be higher than the low alloy cutting tool steel.