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May 05, 2021 · Mechanical Couplers on ASTM A 706 (Grade 60) Reinforcing Steel - For Straight Bars Transition; Type of Splice Manufacturer / Supplier Coupler Model Caltrans Coupler Unique ID Authorized Service Splice (Bar Sizes) Authorized Ultimate Butt Splice (Bar Sizes) Expiration Date; Side-by-Side (Mechanical Lap Splice) BarSplice Products Incorporated Dayton, OH 45414 Changzhou Jianlian Reinforcing Bar Conjunction Co., Ltd a) Rib peeling roll stamping machine. b) 16mm-40mm parallel thread coupler. Our company has coupler streamline production workshop, mechanical precision workshop, and equipped with engineering department in home and technical department which are responsible for the corresponding service for oversea, company has an annual production capacity of 6 million for rebar diameter 12MM~40mm of upset forging parallel thread couplers

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Reinforcing Steel Rebar Connector Mechanical Splicing Coupler Product information Rebar parallel thread splicing coupler is applied to rebar mechanical splicing for concrete construction projects, and it mainly connect HRB335, HRB400 and HRB500 hot rolled ribbed bars with Lapping of Reinforcements and Use of Rebar Couplers Jul 01, 2020 · Lapping (reinforcement splicing) is the traditional way that has been used to join two different reinforcements during construction. However, in recent times, mechanical splices (such as rebar couplers) have been introduced to make two different pieces of reinforcements joined together to behave as one continuous unit. Rebar Couplers Suppliers - mechanical rebar splice coupler When the end of reinforcing bar cant be closed (such as the situation happened during producing rebar cage) , JBCZ bridging splice is the method to solve this problem. Two ends of bar are threaded to the standard length , then a ( bridging connection equipment ) is used to connect two reinforcing bars.

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May 12, 2020 · Slip :T he permanent extension of a mechanical splice after being loaded to a defined load level. Slip Measurement Device:The assembly constituted by the extensometer and any system used to fix it to the mechanical splice. Rebar couplers, also known as mechanical splices, are used to join lengths of rebar together. Most building code requirements for masonry construction, now require Section 703 - Reinforcing Steel - SCDOT703.2.4 Mechanical Couplers for Reinforcing Steel 703.2.4.1 General Use mechanical coupler components that are compatible with the reinforcing bars specified in Section 703 and manufacture all splices with the mechanical couplers as specified and detailed on the Plans. Splicing Bar - CRSIThe steel-filled coupling sleeve is a mechanical splice in which molten metal or steel filler interlocks the grooves inside the sleeve with the deformations on the reinforcing bar. Special details permit use as end anchorages or connections to structural steel members.

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Barsplice Products, Inc. (BPI) is a designer and manufacturer of mechanical splicing and anchorage system for the reinforcing steel industry. Based in Dayton, Ohio we've grown into a trusted industry leader over the past four decades through innovation and customer service. Our number one priority continues to be the customer.