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Effects of Cetyltrimethylammonium bromide on the

The results reveal that SG with 5ppm CTAB, noted SG/CTAB, acts as a good corrosion inhibitor and its inhibition efficiency reached 89% after 24 h immersion in sulfuric acid solution, but slightly decreased at higher temperatures. The polarization curves displayed that SG/CTAB acts as a cathodic-kind inhibitor. Molecules Free Full-Text Experimental and Theoretical It takes into account the interaction between the inhibitor molecules and the The corrosion inhibitor composition and concentration have been set to close the reality, and the temperature has been set to close the experimental conditions. 20. Tian, H.; Li, W.; Hou, B.; Wang, D. Insights into corrosion inhibition behavior of multi-active

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Jun 16, 2021 · This study aimed to examine the extract of barks of Tamarix aphylla as a corrosion inhibitor. The methodology briefly includes plant sample collection, extraction of the corrosion inhibitor, gravimetric analysis, plotting potentiodynamic polarization plots, electrochemical impedance spectroscopic measurements, optimization of conditions, and preparation of the inhibitor products. Synergistic effect of potassium iodide and sodium analysis, and molecular simulation approaches. Results show that the corrosion inhibition performance is signicantly enhanced after the two substances are compounded, and the inhibition eciency can reach approximately 96% at small doses. The Tafel polarization curves suggest that the mixtures can be classied as anodic corrosion inhibitors. Impedance tests indicate that the inhibitor molecules areThe corrosion behavior in CO2 medium of 20# steel under Oct 17, 2018 · Tian H, Li W, Hou B and Wang D 2017 Insights into corrosion inhibition behavior of multi-active compounds for X65 pipeline steel in acidic oilfield formation water Corros. Sci. 117 4358. Crossref Google Scholar